The End

The campaign has turned off the live donation stats. The utility of RonPaulGraphs.com is now pretty much non-existent... there are a few graphs that will continue to update, but for the most part there isn't much of interest left on this site.

If you want to follow my projects, I have a new blog and a new project related to government transparency here in Maine.

I'll probably be taking a break from the graphs for a bit.. but I am proud of the technology and I'll be doing something with it in the future, for sure. Keep an eye on the new blog if you care :)

I have to say that this project has really opened up my eyes to a number of things; from the importance of monetary policy, to the illusion of choice in our two party system, to the power of a good message, to the impact a single individual can have, and many other things... It's been great and a life changing experience for me.

While I never completely agreed with the entirety of the Ron Paul platform, he certainly hit the big issues out of the park for me, and that was more than enough to get my support. I'll still be voting for RP at my state convention... And I suspect I'll be voting Libertarian Party or Constitution Party (as usual) in November. I hope you'll all join me. Never vote Republican or Democrat again, please.

I might be back here for another post when I resurrect the graph stuff, or if anything really exciting happens in the Ron Paul candidacy.

Thanks to everyone for the massive support and great feedback for the last 6+ months.


Ron Paul For Congress

There have been quite a few requests.. so now I am collecting the financial data from ronpaulforcongress.com. There aren't many graphs as I just started collecting the data... more to come.

there are more here but most will be boring for another week or so.

there is also a new graph tracking progress for Trevor Lyman's new effort over at breakthematrix.com


More On The Maine Caucus And Your Vote

From my local meetup leader and prolific organizer, Mark:

We have a tremendous Grass Roots organization up here in Maine, and we are proud to report that we are the 1st State in the entire nation to get Ron to the 20% threshold (reports show him at 19% with 70% of the vote in). This should be plastered all over the campaign website, and blog, and a press release done NOW so the Super Tuesday States can see it and see what is possible when we do our job of GOTV. The sad part is, I know of several instances all over this state (including my own town) where several "professed" Ron supporters ended up BLOWING OFF their Caucuses. Folks, this is a fact: If all our people came out and SHOWED UP, we would have bested McCain in this media/preference poll. THINK ABOUT THAT AND ACT NOW. THERE IS STILL TIME. BRING YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND/SIGNIFIGANT OTHER/SIBLING/FAMILY MEMBERS/FRIEND/NEIGHBOR.

Also, even better news to report about Delegates. In Maine, the preference poll you're hearing about in the media is NON-BINDING and has nothing to do with getting Ron nominated. The critical part of the Caucus is having people step forward/volunteer/be nominated as Delegates from their town to goto our State Convention (May 3rd). It is THOSE delegates that cast the binding vote in Maine. Our grass roots network are reporting an average of 35% of all delegates being known/committed Ron Delegates. There are most likely more that we don't know about yet. But 35% is a good conservative figure at this time. What we just did in Maine should set an example and inspire all remaining States out there, and especially tomorrow's! Thank you, Mark D

It is absolutely critical that every supporter shows up at their caucus or primary.. The caucus events might be long, boring and painful, but it's only a few hours and is a trivial price to pay to have your voice heard. Please help get the vote out.. every vote counts and as we've seen here in Maine, even 100 people can mean the difference between a 2nd and a 3rd place finish. For more about the caucus here in Maine, read my lengthy post on the topic here.


Oh yeah



UPDATE: booooooooooooooooooooooooooo

the only loser tonight was history.

My Caucus

This post is completely unrelated to fundraising and graphs. I went to the first caucus of my life yesterday here in Maine. I wanted to share my experience and a letter I wrote when I returned home.

As I write this, the results aren't all in yet but so far with 68% of the votes in it looks like RP will be getting 3rd place with 19% of the vote to 21% for McCain and 52% for Romney.

Now what about the caucus itself. Right as I walked in the door, there were piles of things to be signed, getting republicans on the ballot for this position or that.. when I declined to sign the form to put our "republican" sheriff on the ballot, there were disparaging remarks made about my girlfriend and I as we walked away... something to the tune of "nothing like a good republican"... dripping with sarcasm, of course... I felt quite good about my decision after hearing a few speakers, including the sheriff.

Following the indiscriminate signing of yellow papers by the 200-300 people in attendance was about 1.5-2 hours of speeches by 6 or 7 people who are either running for some local office or a family member speaking for them. The over whelming theme of the day was mushy emotional talks about the importance of family, "honor", and how great it is to be a Repblican. The sheriff talked about all the "wonderful programs" he had helped create and all the "outreach" he helped to initiate from the department to the community. Tag Romney told bad jokes and pandered to the Patriots and Red Sox fans in the room with some anecdotes about working for the Dodgers and being a big Red Sox fan... then he went on to some anecdotes about how "cheap" Mitt is. "Everyone" loved it. We even had a young lady who was stumping for her father (running for county rep, I think) who is serving in Iraq, yet somehow running for office here in Maine. I think it goes without saying that everyone in the room supports the troops... but running for your first term as a local politician from another continent doesn't seem like a tenable strategy to me...

The Grand Finale was a speech by Senator Susan Collins. I was mildly annoyed with the complete lack of content up to this point... but by the time Susan was done speaking I was mentally counting down the days until I can switch back to being a registered independent. She started right into a list of the faults of our congressional rep, Tom Allen (I'm sure he has plenty, but it seemed out of place to me) including the fact that he missed over 100 roll call votes, to which the Romney supporter standing next to me and myself both quietly said "is that bad?!"... In between her attacks of Tom Allen (which were plentiful and VERY well received) she filled us in on her fantastic Republican credentials.. With such gems as "I tripled funding for diabetes research" and "I've never missed a vote" not to mention all the bills she has sponsored... I sent the following letter to her when I got home:

Senator Collins,

I was in Bath today where you came to talk to the Republican caucus goers. Thank you for coming. I had a few concerns I would like your response to.

You mentioned a Senate resolution condemning the "General Betray Us" ad by MoveOn.org. I am very concerned that the Senate is wasting time and money discussing meaningless newspaper ads. What purpose did this condemnation serve? It seems like a purely political maneuver... I think using the Senate to "condemn" a non-profit organization for exercising their freedom of speech (however misguided, or not) is an embarrassment to the Senate and our country.

The second topic from today that I wanted to bring up is your mention of tripling the funding of diabetes research... Why is the government doing medical research at all, and why should I, a conservative, vote for someone who uses increases in spending as a selling point?

I don't think you mentioned cutting spending once... I don't think a single Republican that spoke today mentioned spending cuts. There was plenty of talk of lowering taxes... and "successful" programs... but not one mention of a program that should be cut. With a 3 trillion dollar budget, 250 billion deficit, and a 9.2 trillion dollar debt, it seems like cutting spending should be on the tip of every conservative tongue. Our debt will soon exceed our GDP (and might already if adjusted for inflation)... this is a crisis, not even a few million $600 checks will help if we can't reign in and reverse this trend towards explosive government spending.

To me, being a conservative means fighting over every dollar spent as well as every dollar taxed. It means closing the doors of federal bureaucracies and ruthlessly trimming the fat in programs that cannot be terminated. It feels like the Republican party is no longer the conservative party at all, but rather the right wing of the Democratic party with a different set of pet programs.

Thank you,
dan bachelder

Not only was there no talk of cutting spending, there was really no talk of policy at all. I guess the assumption is, that if you are in that room, you either already know all about every speaker's policies or you just trust them to do "what is right". Well not this Republican. I can watch attack ads and listen to feel good emotional BS on the Hallmark channel right here from the comfort of my couch. I didn't take 4 hours out of my Saturday to listen to it standing in a 100 degree gymnasium. I guess I can understand the smugness and preaching-to-the-choir mentality that was going on there, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous. If you didn't know better you'd think the Republican party was having a renaissance! Everything is peachy... of course a Republican will be president after the next election... of course Republican policy is right on target.... of course the huge turnout is due to their successes, not their failures.

After all the speeches we broke up into groups by town to cast our vote for the presidential preference poll and choose delegates. 13 people showed up from my tiny town (population 2-3k) which I was told was a record turn out. As they talked about that fact, several people spontaneously made it known that they are embarrassed to tell people they are Republican, one woman said she wouldn't tell people because she was sure it would cost her business customers!

The first order of business was selecting officers for our town party... not one volunteer. The next order of business was selecting delegates.. we get 9 slots to fill... so I assumed we'd be arguing over who would get to go... nope.. all three Ron Paul voters became delegates, along with 2 others... 4 remaining open slots, no volunteers... keep in mind the actual state caucus is 3 months away. Next order of business, the preference poll which went thusly:

Mitt: 6
Paul: 3
Huck: 2
Keys: 1
McCain: 1

While my girlfriend filled out her write-in ballot for Ron Paul there were audible and visible negative responses from the women on either side of her, both women were in the group that spoke up about being embarrassed to tell people they were Republican and one of them was the business owner I mentioned earlier. Immediately following the count, a Romney supporter made the motion to close business and go home, it was seconded and we left.

My conclusions... the high turn out is due to the collapse of the Republican party (it certainly wasn't due to an influx of Ron Paul support), party members see it, so they came, hoping to have some impact... to hear some good news and have the opportunity to turn things around... but, of course they can't see the salvation of their party when it's staring them right in the face. At the end of they day, every one of them was willing to sign their name on anything stamped with an "R" and applaud and cheer for every social program mentioned and pat themselves on the back for every mention of "family" or "honor" or "The Troops". I can say with certainty now, that even on the local level the Republican party is no friend to the true conservative and it's pretty obvious why people are literally embarrassed to be a part of it.

If I am called, I will go to the Republican meeting in our town, just to have the chance to ask them if they share my concerns at all... If the response is favorable, I may consider involving myself more deeply in local party politics in order to have an influence on the line of discourse at the next caucus.

A quick note to Ron Paul supporters... If you're having a conversation while people are speaking (no matter what you think of them) you're a huge jerk and should be asked to leave. If you can't be bothered to go to your local caucus, why are you involved at all? With all the signs around my county, I was expecting a pretty good contingent of support at the caucus... didn't happen. Your money, your letters, your emails, sign waving, all those videos you watched on youtube, all those comments you wrote on the internets, all the talking you have been doing for months... all of it is worthless if you can't even be bothered to vote. The rubber meets the road in the voting booth and if you can't do your part, you don't exist and never did.

Needless to say.. the caucus made me cranky.... but at least we got the majority of delegates in my town. Thanks for reading.


The Final Push

Just a bit under 3 hours left in the day. $41,000 an hour puts us over the $1,000,000 mark... we're basically doubling my prediction for the day... pretty cool.

Boy Was I Wrong!

With just under 10 hours left in the day, we have taken the #4 spot and blown away my prediction... Now the question is, can we break $1 million? less than $470k to go at 2:15pm

here is a new graph and a couple updated ones: